Sunday, December 30, 2007


The night I photographed this image of the Chrysler Building over looking Grand Central Station, I was walking across 42 st.... I usually do'nt walk along this street, because the sights are not that interesting to me on this part of 42 St., but,.... this night I walked down 42 st. between Park & Lexington Ave,... I was in the front of the Hilton Hotel,.... there was a yellow cab parked out front that was on fire, the cab driver was trying to put the flames out with his jacket, I looked around to see if there was any help and there was a group of people standing in front of the Hilton Hotel just watching this man trying to save his burning cab..., I asked did anyone call the fire department,..... they did not respond to me,... they acted as if I was not there,.... I knew everyone that was watching this cab blazing, had a cell phone,.... I call the fire department telling them that there was a burning cab on 42 St. between Park & Lexington Ave. in front of the Hilton Hotel and before I could disconnect the call I heard the Fire engine and police tearing down the street towards us,... as the group of people still stood there watching,...
the fireman secured the area and the fire was put out....I could'nt believe the people just standing there watching this.

That burning New York City Yellow Cab story brings to mind my first New York City Yellow Cab burning experience, I was on the 34th st. cross town bus, going to purchase some 35 mm film for my camera,... which I had with me at the time because I was planning to photograph later on in the evening, but I was completely out of film,

I was on the 34th st. cross town bus right in front of Madison Square Garden on the most light perfect time of day, and this yellow cab was right in the inter section of 34th and Broadway, hood up and it seemed like traffic-light-high-flames were leaping from the engine of this cab,... my first reaction to this scene was to get off the bus and start photographing because it was an amazing moment to be captured, with the razzle-dazzle of Madison Square Garden, a sea of jammed up cars & cabs,... the neon street lights,... the crowded streets,.... it was like a urban war-zone photograph. But... I was on the bus, with a empty camera... on my way to get film...I felt like a raged caged artist....

Need I say,... a few month later I saw that exact...I repeat.... EXACT!!..... scene in Danny Simmons, the artist and producer of Def Jam Comedy's on HBO and on Broadway...(I had to put all that in, because I think it's a big deal).... I said all that to say that... I saw that exact shot in Danny Simmons ONE WORLD MAGAZINE... Photographed by a roaming street photographer....

I'm still trying to get over that "SHOT THAT GOT AWAY".

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