Thursday, February 28, 2008


Unfortunately, I was not able to post this information at the correct time so that folks could support this wonderful writers project. I thought it would be inspiring to post it anyway, it could serve as food for thought for other scholarship drives or community fund raisers.

In June, 2006, the Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle donated 20% of their proceeds from the sales of certain books to the Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund of the Carl Brandon Society. Books had to be purchased in person or over the phone, during the month of June. Online purchases did not qualify.

The donations were of Elliott Bay's "Books for a Change" program. Titles for June included Dark Matter II, edited by Sheree Renee Thomas; Fledgling and Kindred by Octavia E. Butler; The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan; Cinnamon Kiss, The Wave, and Fear Itself by Walter Mosley; Zorro and City of Beasts by Isabelle Allende; and many, many more.

For a complete list of the books that where part of the June donation program, please call the store at (206) 624-6600 or (toll free) 1-800-962-5311, or check the online list. Then, you could either have placed an order for any of these books over the phone, or you could have bought any of them at the store to make your selection count towards our total.

The Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund will support writers of color attending the Clarion and Clarion West Writing Workshops, beginning in 2007. It is administered by the Carl Brandon Society, a nonprofit organization focusing on the presence and representation of people of color in the fantastic literary genres. For more information about the Carl Brandon Society and the scholarship fund, please visit our website.

Elliott Bay Book Company: "Books for a Change" — Toll free orders: 1-800-962-5311

Octavia E. Butler's Website

Carl Brandon Society

Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund

Friday, February 15, 2008


Beautiful Sunny day,... but still Winter in America,... very chilly day,... young blood spilt on college campus…

I made it to the Black Fine Art Show at the Puck Building downtown Manhattan last night 30 minutes before it closed. I ran through the first part of the show real quick. The Art work was beautifully hug. The crowd looked like a serious buying crowd even though it was a very thin crowd, it apeared people were consulting with the dealers and buying ART (I saw art being wrapped up and carried out the door).

My friend Diane had told me that the director of HEARNE FINE ART GALLERY, Garbo Hearne from Little Rock, Arkansas wanted to meet me. I introduced myself to Ms Hearne and we had a very exciting New York–half-a-Minute-Meeting with her and Dealer Yolanda. Really wonderful and warm folks. Our meeting is still open, we exchanged info.

While at this years Fine Art Show, I did not see the “Heavy-Hittin” Art Work like works by the strong & brilliant artist Hank Aaron… Oop’s, excuse me,… I mean Hank Willis Thomas. This artist pounds out classic icons each and every heart felt time he swings. Check out and read about his Fine Works of Art on his website.

His Spell-Breaking, clean & precise images gets “all-up-in” (y)our face, in (y)our mind, in (y)our spirits, in (y)our past & present, in (y)our pockets & purses and into Corporate Business. He really knows how to “Call-it” as he see’s it,... You got a real Fine Eye Brother-Man!!.

His work brings to mind one night I accompanied a friend to Harlems, St. Luke Hospital Emergency Room. We had to stay in the emergency room through the night, I will never forget the activity that was going on in the early morning of the ER.

Around 3:00am, a multitude of New York City Police Officers rushed into the hospital, escorting 3 gurney’s with African-American Male Youths, unconscious and handcuffed to the side poles of each gurney,

I had my digital camera with me and I was trying to find the right time to capture a photograph, if I was seen taking photographs I would have been put out of the ER, I was unable to find that moment. But, I will never forget the impact of that too common scene as the gurney’s were rolled closer to where my friend and I were waiting, the MULTITUDE of POLICE OFFICERS, the HANDCUFFED, UNCONSCIOUS AFRICAN-AMERICAN MALE YOUTH’S and the NIKE SNEAKERS.


The Last Poets

In one word, this lean, mean, art making machine Hank Willis Thomas is "SLAMMIN" and should be a household name. (ok, that's more than one word, but,... can you blame?... I got over taken by the art work,... This work is right-on-the-Money!!... Ok,... I'm going to stop now.)

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentines Day... Bright sunny day today, but don’t let it fool you, it's as cold as... ice is standing up on the ground, cold. But I'm not complaining, it could be worst.

I got a call from Diane Smith this morning, she said she had a extra ticket to the Black Fine Arts Show at the Puck Building Downtown, she asked me if I wanted to go, even though I have tons of work, especially getting ready for my exhibit that opens next month at the Jersey City Museum, I said yes, I need to go, there will be a lot of local and out of town dealers that I need to network with.

I got a e-mail from Michelle Bishop last night, the founder of Harlem Needle Arts, she sent me this wonderful myspace link,

that belongs to this exceptionally talented and stylish, Crochet Designer from Riverdale Georgia, I think her name is DENIZE ROBIN, I tried to send her a contact e-mail or a response in her myspace, but I'm still learning this cyberspace jungle.

I just love DENIZE ROBIN style, She looks like she is really having a good time, creating these wonderful garments and adorning herself by her own creative hands, I am not sure if she designs her own patterns, but even if she does not, the execution of the garments, The way she drapes her body with the crochet, the choice of yarn colors that accent her golden complexion is masterful. The weight of the yarn, I think it is 4 ply, really works great with the eye catching large lacy double crochet stitch. Oh yeah, and I must say again, the lady knows and expresses her own original style that makes me want to speak in a unknown lanquage, and she really, truly knows how to "work-out" with her crochet hook, “I’m scared of you!!!…”,

“Aaaaah Sookie Sookie Now!!!”

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Monday, February 4, 2008

Dianne Smith: Art, Commerce & Job Force

The Giants won the Super bowl and it snowed in New York this morning (but it stopped by noon), one day before the presidential primary and I want to go out and get a collection of the historical presidential button, no matter who I am voting for, these buttons are a good historical keep sakes.

Culture & Commerce in the Communities. The need and the purpose of the artist in the community, I have to keep repeating this to myself, It really takes many mature, creative minds to resurrect any communities on the cultural & economic down slide. One of the area’s I get a great deal of inspiration from and pride myself on is my circle of family, family-of-friends & friends. I could go on forever about each and everyone of them, and I am sure I will during the development of the notes of this Journal blog.

Dianne Smith gets the award from me this week for The Enhancement of Culture, Commerce and the Community,