Monday, December 31, 2007


11;21 am, It's the New Year Eve, a beautiful mild, sunny day in Harlem, and I am working on my organization & planning resolution I entend to resolve in 2008, Plan's are to work smarter, to reduce stress, to keep my blood pressure down and to have Time Management down to a Fine Science so that my events and activities have a nice flow throughout the day,

I think my management upgrade is working better than it appears... ("one's disorganised surroundings can be miss leading when you are re-organizing".... remember that,... it helps with the remedy),.... I'm looking forward to a very productive year that will be a result of better management skills,...

First on the list for today, None Scheduled Activities:...return library books (MUMBO JUMBO,... THE LAST DAYS OF LOUISIANA RED,... and THE FREE-LANCE PALL BEARERS all by ISHMAEL REED),... organize my storage space (a little), do my laundry (finally), read and send out follow-up e-mails (past due), get my $5.00 phone card ready so when the New Year arrives around the world I can give a New Year "Holla" to my folks on the planet.

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