Saturday, December 29, 2007


I believe I need a DRUM-ROLL to do this "shout-out"!!!...but, here it goes anyway, ...."HIS SUPREME HONORABLE EXCELLENCY",... "THE MAGNIFICENT",... "THE ULTIMATE NOBLE ELDER",... SIR BROTHER-MAN: MANSUR SCOTT....ILLUSTRIOUS GRIOT/MUSICIAN (PERCUSSIONIST-FLUTIST) EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!....OK,.. OK,.... I know, I went a little over the top, but this is where a conversation with Mansur Scott takes my imagination,.... spinning way out there, along with his insights into the worlds and characters of the "outer streams" and his personal encounters, experiences and evolutions.... some Folks "back-in-the-day" called him....."HEAVY" (for good reason)....Folk's do'nt come no realler and stronger that this "real-deal", "Deep-Cat". You heard the cliche, what do'nt kill you, will make you stronger? Brother-Man Mansur had to be the inspiration for this thought.

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