Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Today was a nice sunny mild weathered day, mild enough to take my gloves off, but nothing else.

I had an appointment today with the photographer Barron-The-Magnificent, to take my portrait for the publicity shots for the Exhibit (RE)POSSESSED, that is going to be at the Jersey City Museum, opening March 20, 2008. I wore the Sistah Paradise Regalia and a black glittery mask. I hope the shots turn out alright, Barron is a brilliant photographer, and so, I should not worry.
I belong to a International Freeform Crochet Yahoo Group, there are over 14,000 members in this group, The members are from all around the world, I can be in contact with someone from this group any 24 hrs in a day, I believe just about any form of crochet or needle arts that has ever been created, someone in this group knows something about it. For example, I was trying to find out how to make the stitch that is used to make a baseball, I call it the baseball stitch, a stitch that is used to pull two side together, I like the embroidered look of that stitch, and it's not just decorative, it's functional. evidently, someone else in the group was interested in sharing that stitch, and they posted instructions to that stitch and about four other stitches.

Every question that I have had, about a stitches, or yarns, was answered before I could ask it, either someone asking the same question, or the question was answered in a previous post. This yahoo group is amazing. When I went to London this past October; to attend the Knitting and Stitching Show, I met up with a couple of the members, very creative group.

I have always admired and wanted to learn Irish Crochet, to me, this is the most magical of all crochet stitching. Finding someone that knows how to Irish Crochet had turned into a major mission for me, I really thought the art form was dying out, but, through this amazing crochet yahoo group, I found an amazing Irish Crocheter named Lilly Smuul, who lives in Kenmare, Ireland. I have never met Ms Smuul, but I was introduced to her work through the Yahoo Freeform Crochet Group.

I have posted one of her Irish Crochet Neck Pieces, To share the beauty of this decorative style of this crochet, This work is unbelievably beautiful, the quality of the stitch the choice of the yarn, the composition, in one word…. MASTERFUL/

The Irish Crochet below Lilly Smuuls Irish Crochet is an antique piece, created by a Nun in Ireland; there is no specific date to this piece.

Any time I see work like this,... IT HUMBLES ME.