Wednesday, March 5, 2008


When ever I visit Saint John the Divine Cathedral Church, I love to visit all the smaller chapel, one chapel that I find very moving is the Chapel dedicated to Joan of Ark.

The lighting in this chapel just a little afternoon is dramatic, The sun light beams through the stain glass windows, casting soft pastel colors around the top of the statue and lights up the full statue perfectly, but, this lighting only happens for a few minutes as the sun is setting (you can see that I arrived a few minutes late, because the sun light and the soft colored lighting is already moving off of the statue).

This is a very beautifully executed sculpture, The artist was very successful in rendering a very peaceful/calm into the full body of the sculpture.

What adds a final touch of grace to this sculptural installation, is that one of the stones from the prison that she was held in before she was burned at the stake, is at the feet of her statue.... VERY SPECIAL EXPERIENCE.