Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentines Day... Bright sunny day today, but don’t let it fool you, it's as cold as... ice is standing up on the ground, cold. But I'm not complaining, it could be worst.

I got a call from Diane Smith this morning, she said she had a extra ticket to the Black Fine Arts Show at the Puck Building Downtown, she asked me if I wanted to go, even though I have tons of work, especially getting ready for my exhibit that opens next month at the Jersey City Museum, I said yes, I need to go, there will be a lot of local and out of town dealers that I need to network with.

I got a e-mail from Michelle Bishop last night, the founder of Harlem Needle Arts, she sent me this wonderful myspace link,

that belongs to this exceptionally talented and stylish, Crochet Designer from Riverdale Georgia, I think her name is DENIZE ROBIN, I tried to send her a contact e-mail or a response in her myspace, but I'm still learning this cyberspace jungle.

I just love DENIZE ROBIN style, She looks like she is really having a good time, creating these wonderful garments and adorning herself by her own creative hands, I am not sure if she designs her own patterns, but even if she does not, the execution of the garments, The way she drapes her body with the crochet, the choice of yarn colors that accent her golden complexion is masterful. The weight of the yarn, I think it is 4 ply, really works great with the eye catching large lacy double crochet stitch. Oh yeah, and I must say again, the lady knows and expresses her own original style that makes me want to speak in a unknown lanquage, and she really, truly knows how to "work-out" with her crochet hook, “I’m scared of you!!!…”,

“Aaaaah Sookie Sookie Now!!!”