Sunday, July 6, 2008


I had a once in a life time Harlem Experience this 4th of July weekend. It will probably be one of the COOLEST July 4th I'll ever experience.

At the last minute, I heard through the grape vine about the 48 hour jazz marathon that was going on at Minton's Play House at 118th St. between 7th & 8th Ave. It was a fundraiser for a good cause, for Minton's Mentor Foundation for the youth.

I was totally in my cultural element,... wonderful folks,... great vibe,... real, real nice music, from sun-up to sun-down for 48 hrs. I was hanging with the Hippest of the Hip, The Coolest of the Cool, it was a real enriching experience.

I had packed my little black bag on wheels full of my yarn, crochet hooks and needles... I had planned on listening to the sounds while I crochet... But,... When I got in the loung and the heard sounds, I was "STRUCK"!!!.... While I was there there, I did'nt take one piece of yarn or crochet hook out of my bag,.. I was so into the music,... and taking photographs,.. I was so into the scene, I totally forgot about my crochet.

I never heard so much masterful music like that before, REAL SKILLS.... at around 2:00-7:00 am Sunday morning is when I spent the most time there.... I'm going to be making it back to Minton's to hear some more real, pure, serious music in the future.

I think they broke the Guinness Book of World Records for playing non-stop Jazz... for more info about the event, and to make donations to the educational project check out the info below.

Uptown Lounge at Minton's Playhouse, in support of its education-focused Minton's Mentors Foundation, hosts a world record-breaking jazz event by programming 48 consecutive hours of jazz performances from Friday, July 4 at 12 noon until Sunday, July 6 at 12 midnight.

The Guinness Book of World Records will be on-hand to monitor the event.

Proceeds from the event benefit Minton's Mentors Foundation's educational activities, which include jazz camps, master classes, family concerts, podcasts, artistic residencies, and a partnership with South Africa's Fort Hare University.

to inquire about donating to Minton's Mentors Foundation, please email Cedric Rose at Minton's Mentors Foundation is dedicated to educating and supporting our youth and the Harlem community by building awareness of the history and significance of jazz. Minton's Mentors' outreach initiatives include jazz camps, family-oriented jazz programming, lectures by jazz educators and journalists, an international partnership with pianist Hotep Idris Galeta at South Africa's Fort Hare University, and Artistic Residency posts held by Onaje Allan Gumbs and by Buster Williams.