Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today I went to see the WHITNEY MUSEUM BIENNIAL 2008,... Veeeeeery interesting. I really wanted to view the Spike Lee Film on Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans for a longer period of time, the film is 200 and some odd minutes long, I have to go back to see the complete film this coming Friday..

THE WHITNEY BIENNIAL 2008 has a very informative website

The site is great, I love the "Bootleg" video's of the exhibit, the list of artist, interviews, articles, reviews, funders info, blog. this site is very well packaged and a excellent study. Time well spent!!!

I spent the rest of the day doing PR. computer work for the exhibit (RE)POSSESSED. I have to put together some educational events to go with the exhibit. Rita Salpietro the Public Relations Person at the Jersey City Museum took these great photo's of some of the works in the exhibit.

You can't see how beautiful the chandeliers are from the photograph, you really have to see them in person, Dorian the chandeliar designer has all these colorful crystal flowers and berries all up in these "FUNKY CHIC" chandeliers. Also you can't imagine how the jazz soundscape that is playing in the gallery fills the room so beautifully. I really love the feeling this group of artist & designers works created for this exhibitl

Missing are images of two mandalas, and the display of the teaset and the wholesome Caranda Tea collection from Africa.

The Jersey City Museum has one of my crochet mandalas in their permanent collection.

All of my art work in the exhibit is single stitch crochet, the pink pointed headdress in the bottom image is my THINKING HAT, This was the first piece of art created for this body of work, I had to make this "Thinking hat" for myself to wear when I first started creating these large crochet works. I got that from a elementary school teacher that used to say, ok class, let's put on our "thinking hats" and get started on our class work... I always wondered what a "thinking hat" looked like, where one could be bought and how much they cost?