Saturday, December 4, 2021

4. “STRAIGHT OUT OF THIS WORLD”: The Vacant Chair, Still Life NFT Series by Xenobia Bailey 

Fiber Artist/Designer/Cultural Activist Xenobia Bailey has launched an NFT series and is taking to NFT's like music to the sound waves. "I really love the endless and unimaginable creative possibilities that NFT's create for artist and passionate collectors.

This photo series is the continuation of my epic project "PARADISE UNDER RECONTRUCTION IN THE AESTHETIC OF FUNK:  Living a Dream in a Nightmare: This is photo journaling as the art of my studio practice of experimenting with draping vintage chairs with vintage crochet afghans that art found in thrift stores and online, that illustrate various ways of masking chairs to bring an animated character to the inanimate object. 

This is an undocumented and scholarly researched American Design aesthetic of the skill of adornment of my mother and other African American Homemakers and caregivers. this is a way of enhancing the ambience. A gift my mother took great pride in grading our living spaces with.

This NFT Edition is on sell 

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