Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Today in the salt mines, I had to go to the Post Office to mail off some things, went down to China Town for groceries, I got some really nice string beans 2 lbs for $1.25, tilapia fish was $3.20, I got a little over 2 lbs. I road the bus back to Harlem, I got four cans of solid white tuna for $4.00 (I need to go back and get more before the week is out). I got some mushrooms to steam my string beans with.

I got right back on the computer to work on website & press pack for the (RE) POSSESSED traveling exhibit at Jersey City Museum.
Last night I was looking for mystical children’s books at East West Book Store Downtown Manhattan. I found one very special book that I really liked; it was titled STORIES FROM THE SILK ROAD. RETOLD BY CHERRY GILCHRIST and BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED BY NILESH MISTRY, BY BAREFOOT PAPER BACK PUBLICATIONS.

I loved how the stories were mixed with fantasy, folklore and history and technical detail about the DEVELOPMENT OF THE SILK INDUSTRY. The book stimulates interest in wanting to learn more about the ancient production of silk.

I love the East West bookstore because of all of the crystal, incense, chimes, healing bath salts, and,… let me tell you about the most amazing soap in the world. First I have to say, I have no connection to this product except I think it is worth it's weight in gold and I want to promote it so this company stay’s in business.

I’ll start by saying, I have very sensitive skin, I am really very allergic to just about every soap product in and off the market, so I really have to read ingredients and experiment a lot with soaps, that I think would be good for my skin. Last year, I found this Rock Soap, by tspink soap, you can go to the website and read about the soap.


The rock soap is kind of pricy, but for what it does for my skin, my since of well-being and with the added bonus of luxury, I am working it into my budget.

This rock soap not only looks pretty when you buy it, but all the while you are washing with it, it stays pretty as it reduces in size.

This rock soap has all pure natural ingredients that really cleans the skin without drying it out, it smells beautifully, but the oil don’t irritate my skin. It is a truly luxury soap, it makes my skin feel sooooo soft. I am writing about this soap so others will buy it, enjoy it, and spread the word. So the company will stay strong.

Using this soap is like going to a spa every time you use it, that's how I justify using this product, with the cost and all…. Plus, I figure, I am getting more mature and my skin needs that very special care to maintain a healthy texture. This soap alone is a reason to start a Co-Op in your community, if you belong to a Co-op, see if you can get this soap stocked on your shelves if you don’t already had it.

Oh, Yeah, they have the rock soap at
New York City at 61 4th Ave (btwn E. 9th & 10 Sts.).
New York City 10003
212 228-7990 & 212 375-9984


The Photo at the top of this post is the owner of IBIZA KIDZ, and two of her three Sugar Plum Children. I had to photograph her son prancing around the store in the fairy wings and the ballet tutu like his sister. I know years from now, he'll just love to see this.

Peace Ya'll

Xenobia Bailey Harlem USA

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