Thursday, October 2, 2008


The perfect hostess, mother-to-be Wangechi Mutu greeting and enjoying her guest.

I partial view of Wangechi's studio, (behind the wizards curtain), it is such a visually stimulating work-space.

This is Wangechi's new book,... I wish I would have had time to read a few pages, I only had time to quickly flip through the book,... just looking at the dynamic images.... I was trying to be a good guest and mingle and talk to folks,... even though, what I wanted to do was curl-up in a corner and slowly read the book, listen to the music and munch on the variety of munches that was distributed around the room in beautiful bowls.

Images from Wangechi's book.... One word, SPECTACULAR. I got to get this book!!!!

Sept 30th 2008, 4:22am, Wangechi Mutu text messaged me, inviting me to a get together at her home/studio in Brooklyn,, so... Really really late that evening,... after Poet Ishmeal Reed's conversation at the New School in Manhattan,... around about 10:00pm, I arrived at her beautiful home/studio, as you could figure out most of the guest had left by the time I arrived.., but, I was able to visit with Wangechi, her boyfriend and a few of our friends that I had not see for many years,.. and I was able to meet new folks.

I noticed that I had not seen Wangechi for a while, because this was the first time that I found out that she was 7 months pregnant, she looked beautiful and as always she was the perfect hostess. I got a chance to flip through her new book titled WANGECHI MUTU A SHADY PROMISE, I got to get this book and read it, there is a lot of rich psycological documentation here.

I really enjoyed my evening.

Thanks Wangechi, I needed that!!!

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  1. Hetep! Mikyia wo Sis!!! Eku se o!!! I just came across this blog site and I'm sooooo diggin your visual images. They are Blacktastic! Keep up the great work. I also have to to get a copy of your book.

    Nle o!

    Iya Nailah